What is DozRBL

Doz Reputation Block List (DozRBL) is a standard DNSBL (Domain Name System Block List) that can be used to reduce spam volume on many popular email systems, including Zimbra, Exim, Postfix, and other email servers. DNSBL systems list IP addresses, often those that have been observed by the list operator to be sending spam or hosting spammers. By adding DNSBL entries to an email server configuration, those email servers can either reject connection attempts from listed IP addresses or use that listing to apply appropriate filtering policy.

DNSBLs are sometimes called RBLs (Realtime Blackhole Lists), or just BLs (Block/Black lists).

DozRBL Usage

The DozRBL can be used by all modern mail servers and it does not require additional software to be installed. It can be enabled easily by setting your mail server's anti-spam DNSBL feature to query: rbl.dozty.net

Testing DozRBL

You can manually test access from the command line interface of your mail server operating system.

Linux OS:


Windows OS:


If the IP address is blacklisted, you should receive a response such as 127.0.0.X

Blacklist Removal / Whitelist Request

If you happen to find your own SMTP server IP Address being blacklisted and you think it is by accident, you can submit a Removal Request via our Contact Us form. However, there are some conditions. We do provide reputation whitelist for corporate / enterprise email server IP address. Feel free to contact us for the instruction.

Donate to this Project

DozRBL spends a lot of time and money keeping this project running and offers the best service free of charge to you. If you are satisfied with our service, and you want the blacklists stay free for all users, we would be glad to receive a small or a big donation from you.

All money donated to the project will be invested to increasing bandwidth so you will also benefit from better performance.

You can donate any amount you want with BTC. Smallest amounts can help to keep our blacklists free for all!

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