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OWASP Top 10

Basic protection against common web hacking techniques in OWASP Top 10. E.g. Cross-site Scripting, SQL Injection, OS Command Injection, XML External Entity Injection, Defacement Content, and Shell Script File Upload, etc.

High Compatibility

Compatible with PHP, ASP.NET, and Java websites via reverse-proxy API. E.g. Umbraco, OpenCms, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, etc. Seamless integration with Varnish HTTP Accelerator.

Easy Deployment

Easy setup in your cloud VPS, dedicated servers, and existing websites. Deployment in inline or reverse-proxy mode. HTTPS/SSL protocol is supported. Zero False Positive with DozWAF detection signatures.


to establish a business case and high-level requirements.


to analyze requirements for the solution to be implemented.


to transform and to install the product into a solution.


to turn on real-time protection for your websites.

Remote IP AddressAttack TypeDate Time (UTC+08:00) - Config File Inclusion2024-07-19 20:32:50 - Config File Inclusion2024-07-19 20:32:50 - Number Bypass2024-07-18 18:51:39 - Number Bypass2024-07-18 18:51:39 - UNION SELECT2024-07-18 08:01:32 - UNION SELECT2024-07-18 08:01:32 - UNION SELECT2024-07-18 08:01:31 - UNION SELECT2024-07-18 08:01:31 - UNION SELECT2024-07-18 08:00:02 - UNION SELECT2024-07-18 08:00:01

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